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Know More About American Eagle Silver Dollar

If you do not know what the American eagle silver dollar is, you need to know that it is basically a type of a rare coin that was made from the design of the walking Liberty. This the design was originally used only on the half dollar back in 1916. There is no denying the fact this coin is made from a design that has always been considered as the most beautiful thing made from the walking Liberty. The very first time they were minted was in 1986. You should also be aware of the fact that they are the United States only silver bullion coin considered to be official. From the article below, you will get to learn so much more of the American eagle silver dollar.

Another thing you ought to know about the American eagle silver dollar is that its specification is something that is usually worked upon with so much diligence. The collectible proofs, regular bullion, and uncirculated versions are the only ways one gets these eagle silver dollars. When it comes to the collectible uncirculated coins, they are usually marked with a ‘W.’ The ‘W’ is what depicts their significance and value. The bullion coins are looked at as the legal tender. They are the only silver coins which can be legally used or invested in the IRA. You should also know that their weights and purity are rendered accurate by the United States Government. Some of the places where the bullion coins are minted include the Philadelphia mint, west point mint and the San Francisco mint.

The American eagle silver dollar coins are the kind of coins that are actually very easy to buy and even sell. with the silver dollar coins, you need to know that you could use them in any investment purposes simply because they are easy to sell and buy. Selling them is easy because they are usually sold for the price of silver. It is important to take note of the fact that the fee which is usually used to help pay for the actual minting and distribution is usually added significantly onto the selling price which is usually referred to as the spot price.

The last American silver dollar that most people want is the 2008-W silver eagle reverse that was of 2007. You should probably know that only forty-seven thousands of these coins were actually struck. These coins also include the reverse die kind that was used frequently in 2007. There is no denying the fact that the letter ‘U’ in the United States is in a bowl shape. That bowl shape is what makes these coins to be recognized without any difficulty. If you are a collector of these coins, then you will have to pay more attention on the dates.

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