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Satellite View of my House

Only 2 steps i do to get a

Satellite View of my House

Ofcourse you need to download and install the Free Google Earth

2. Type partial or exact street address in the search field, And click on search button (See Image 2)

for example "558 Palisades Beach Rd"

(with no qoutation tag) And The earth Viewer is going to zoom right within the street address location you given.



 google earth live

Google earth live


Image 2

satellite view of my house


That is usually the way i locate SATELLITE VIEW OF MY HOUSE by using Google earth live. Take flight straight to your neighborhood, locate your buddy property in california, view amazing destinations of earth

You may also point and mouse click on any area of the the earth user interface (see image 1)

that will zoom right down to the street levels, rotate the earth, tilt it down, activate landscape terrain, street maps, 3 dimensional building

save or print out imagery and many more. Google earth live let you explore the space and ocean too.


Sample 1


SATELLITE VIEW OF MY HOUSE - your house in 3d.

Zoom in. Let’s see satellite view of my house simulating a google earth live
Occasionally I go searching for satellite view of my house to entertain myself totally free. Google earth live is the way to get access to aerial and satellite images of your house. The best tool on the market, in my opinion,

Are These Live Satellite Views?
When you look at these amazing Satellite views of your Houses from space, you might wonder if this is live. Unfortunately, no. Google Earth live is not in real time. All of the free satellite images you’re accessing were captured by various spacecraft over the last couple of years but continuously updated year by year.

Anyone may actually have a pretty close perception of when the image was taken from the imagery of your house. For example, from the image of my house from space, Allow me to view my automobile which i offered for sale a few years back. Certainly, this particular imagery is not live, it’s at the least a few years older. A live satellite view of my house, but however quite a while off.

But yes you will find a live satellite view of Earth from space. Everyone can access a live view of earth from NASA’s International Space Station. Go to the homepage and navigate below to see a satellite live view of Earth from the space station. However you actually can not zoom to street level or view any sort of precise spot on Earth.


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