Russian Drones


Russian Drones auto changing battery

The complicated includes a and some stations where the change batteries is performed, ensuring the autonomous and continuous operation of the device, offers defined the scientific cooperation research laboratory of intelligent robotic systems at the University of Innopolis, Igor Danilov, the Russian newspapers.

The drone an independent robot comes with additional processing units and designed to look for the mandatory stations and make their own battery replacement. By understanding that it’s battery charge is running out, look for the next station using a GPS system, camera and radio signals.

Once approaches the station also created by scientists, the drone binds to it via a protected process, that allows the station to recognize the registration number of the device and the data owner. Accepted permission, the drone lands and executes the swap battery, that lasts only a minute.

Meanwhile, the station can charge the batteries used in 3 hours and will guarantee the autonomous work of 3 or 4 drones. At the moment, the stations created by engineers operate only with special drones, but it is estimated that later on, any drone can gain access to them.

The project aims to resolve the issue of continuous function of quadcopters, thanks to the automated battery change. “The biggest difficulty of modern drones is they can function a short time on one charge. It is currently required to land the and recharge every 30 or 40 minutes,”.

According to the inventors, to cover a distance of 100 kilometers about 10 special stations are expected since, at the moment, drone can cover 10 km distance before recharging.

Creators assume their technology to be accessed by transportation organizations and shipment, as well as geographical investigation teams conducting and environment recordings, and also by tracking companies using drones.