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How to Eliminate World Hunger

The majority of people have died of world hunger in areas that have been affected by the flood, poverty and wars. Unless something is done to break poverty, it can be a repetitive cycle across different generations. Parents that are affected by poverty can give birth to undernourished children who may not be able to attend school because of poor health, and lack of fees leading to unhealthy young people who get married and start the process of poverty once again. To stop this cycle from affecting other generation it is required to be kind and compassionate so that they can extend a hand of help to such people. Highlighted in this article are ways one can stop world hunger.

When a community is taught they can live better lives without struggling with basic needs. When several needs are competing for attention, the parents choose to satisfy the most immediate need of which in most cases is food and leave the rest such as education. Since they do casual jobs their payment is low which is why they may not afford to take their children to school. Offering these parents free education for their children can be a way to relieve their burden as well as give hope to the children about a better future. When these children are educated, they can better support their families by providing basic requirements which can help to end poverty. In education children can also learn of ways to eliminate poverty in their community which once implemented can end world hunger.

A person who want to end world hunger they can needs to provide food for schooling children and educate parents on agricultural methods that can help them generate food. Free education is not enough because children in hunger-stricken areas may die without food. Some children find it easy going to school where they can get free food than having to work to earn it. Without access to food, most children will quit schooling to go and help their parents in looking for food. Providing food in school can make parents push their children to school even when they don’t want to take them because it will lighten to them the burden of providing meals. These learned children can the authors of Change in their communities to eliminate poverty.

Offering health services to the community members can also be a way to eradicate world hunger. Some of the times unhealthy parents give birth to sick babies which makes them weak and sickly all the time. Sick parents may not be able to work to eliminate poverty whereas sick children cannot attend schools which is why they may not help to improve their living status. It can also make it impossible for them to get medical services or even proper nutrition due to ignorance and lack of the relevant resources which is why providing free health and nutritional services can be a way of eliminating poverty.

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