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Have you recently discovered a satellite image that's worth sharing? Are you ready to do some sightseeing from the comfort of your desk chair? If so, you're at the right place! Satellite Sights is your link to interesting satellite images from around the world, submitted, researched, and maintained by users like you. Interesting sights are viewable through embedded Google Maps, Windows Live Virtual Earth, and Google Street View images, as well as downloadable Google Earth KML files.

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Firefox Crop Circle

Was this Mozilla's creation, or a fan with too much time on their hands? Either way -- very awesome! More info...

KFC Logo in the middle of the Desert

KFC made this with 65,000 small tiles. Were they counting on the Google Maps/Earth community seeing it? More info...

Giant Coca-Cola Logo on Hillside (Made with C...

Made with actual Coke bottles. Does this count as recycling? More info...

Massive 7 Up Can

The can is actual a 19 meter tall water tower, supplying a soda plant. More info...'s Massive Ad

This winery's website will definitely be getting a lot of attention -- from aviators. It's a start I guess. More info...

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Replica of the Space Shuttle Columbia
When was  that space shuttle built?...

RAF hereford AKA the home of 22nd SAS, credenhill, herefordshire,UK
I note the location of Credenhill is now Somerset. In the 1960s it was in Herefordshire. Is this con...

Giant Pink Bunny
I loved that place!! When I went to Italy I went there and saw the bunny. If was amazing and a cool ...

'Iolani Palace, Honolulu
We were in Brussels in October '09 too. Great photo! We didn't venture to this area tuoghh. Bef...

Beck's Brewery, Bremen
Awesome to see this, we organized an OpenIDDevCamp a few mnhtos ago which was really interesting.I n...

No Man's Land Fort (Palmerston Forts)
Dude? Are you on a diet or what? I tried Orchid Fusion in Arlington. Groupon even had a special f...

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Add Satellite Images to Favorites Feature added
When you are logged in, at the bottom of each satellite image is a add to faves link. So you can now add all your favorite images in your profile page for easier access.

Social Bookmarking Feature added
When you find a great satellite image whilst browsing the site, be sure to let everyone know by clicking on the social bookmarking button. Allowing posts to most social sites such as Bebo, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Microsoft Live Maps, Google Street View, & Panoramio Photos
We've launched a new satellite image viewing system, now supporting Microsoft Live Maps, Google Street View, & Panoramio Photos (in addition to the original Google Maps and Google Earth). We'll soon be incorporating Yahoo! Maps and possibly TerraServer.

SatelliteSights on Twitter
We're now on Twitter, displaying the newest posts. Check it out!

Accountless Posting
Users now have the ability to post satellite images and leave comments / descriptions without signing up for a free account!

We just completed a bunch of system updates and look forward to successful results. These updates included several bug fixes, RSS Feeds, the ability to download all posts in a single Google Earth KML file, and a new extensive cities/regions/countries database (supplied by