Google Earth Street View – How to use

Google Earth Street View allows people to see and travel through 360 degree horizontal and 290 degree vertical panoramic street level images of countless places all over the world. The Street View function enables you to take on virtual walks, investigate landmarks or find stores, restaurants and hotels.

Google Earth Street View is a entertaining tool which you can use to observe your house, move down your street, visit different cities and even have a virtual holiday escapes. There are lots of great ways to use Google Earth Street View.

Let’s take a look at many of the excellent ways to use Google Earth Street View.

  • Check out your desired destination.

Often the street address alone is just not sufficient to locate your destination, particularly if you will be going for a shop within a busy shopping mall or a busy intersection. Using Google Earth Street View, you can get a great look into the place and spot your own location at your leisure, instead of trying to spot it as you drive past in your car.

  • Search for points of interest to see the route

Besides obtaining a good look into the exact place on your location, it’s also possible to seek out landmarks to assist in getting there.

Not familiar with an area? Take a look before you decide to get in the car. Discover what buildings or fastfood restaurants are.

  • Look at a restaurant or hotel

street view plaza hotel

If you are planning out a place on your city which you aren’t as familiar with or else you are intending a vacation, Google Earth Street View can let you see the actual restaurant or hotel, allowing you to find out if its within a good location or if that seems to be a good to visit.

You can even look at what’s nearby, if there is any good shopping areas, and how far its away from the beach, entertainment park, etc.

  • Look into a property and neighborhood from the real-estate listing

Google Earth Street View can provide you with a look at the house, but it will surely allow you to look into the entire neighborhood.

  • Look at out the old hangouts and childhood house.
  • Take a look at a place to get a painting or sketching

Google Earth Street View can be a benefit for any designer. Whether you intend to draw mountain or parks, Street View can let you to view at the scenery and draw your objectives.

How to Use Google Earth Street View

1 Open Google Earth and zoom the earth to the street level using the “+” sign of the contol panel top right of the screen or left clicking your mouse button or by the mouse scroll button.

2 Look for an area you would like to view. You can search in the search box for a location or use your mouse button to navigate throughout the map. Looking for a thing will usually put a pin to the map at that spot.

3 Start Street View. Once you have identified the place you desire to check out, you may start up Street View. Pressing the small yellow man icon or pegman (top right of your screen) is going to convert the streets you possibly can explore in blue. Blue spots show off-road locations you may also look around. To explore, move or drag the yellow man into a spot on map and let go.


Drag and drop the Pegman. Click on and also retain the Pegman icon to “Grab” it. The streets will identify to indicate wherever Street View is available. Streets with Street View are going to have a blue line running along the center. Buildings that you could view inside contain a yellow circle. Panoramic spots are going to have a blue circle.

street view blue line

4 Browse around. While in Google Earth Street View, it is possible to browse around by clicking on and pushing your mouse.
You may use the control keys round the compass to take a look around also. This is found in the upper right corner of the screen

5 Navigate around. Simply click at any place within the image and Google Earth Street View will transfer you to the nearest spot. Employ this to explore neighborhoods, have a virtual vacation, or search for attractions.