Chromecast by Google

Stream Wirelessly From Your Phone or Devices To Your TV.

Watch videos youtube from your phone to your TV. Just use your TV HDMI as well as your cellular device to stream your favourite TV shows, sports, music, films, games and much more. Chromecast functions with iPad® iPhone®, Android mobile and tablet PC, Mac® and Windows® notebook, and Chromebook.

An improved solution to get games, music, and video for your TV Your cellphone is an easy, strong remote. Open the mobile programs you want and know your playlists, to instantly get things such as your TV shows, your queues. Downloads or no new logins needed. Just pat on the Cast button to find out your chosen content. And also you will still keep using your cellphone for some other things without interrupting what’s draining or playing your battery.

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Google Chromecast review: Cheap, tiny streamer continues to innovate

The Google Chromecast is a dirt-cheap wireless video dongle that streams Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, HBO Now and thousands of other apps and games to your TV using an Android or Apple phone or tablet, or a PC, as the controller. Its small size hides neatly behind your TV and makes it easy to take with you when traveling, and the new version adds compatibility with 5GHz Wi-Fi networks.

Chromecast review

Our Verdict

The second Chromecast has ousted the original as one of our favorite streaming devices of all time thanks to a better Wi-Fi antenna and far better performance.

Google Chromecast (2015)

The new Google Chromecast doesn’t make any big changes from the original media streamer, but it’s a bit quicker and every bit as handy, for the same very reasonable $35.

Chromecast 2 review

The original Chromecast is viewed by many as one of the best streaming devices on the market. The tiny stick let users stream video from their smartphone or tablet to any TV or monitor with an HDMI cable – and cost a piddly £30.

Chromecast Ultra review: Better video quality comes at a cost

Google’s first Chromecast was an ugly little stick that nonetheless served an important purpose: At $35, it was about the cheapest way to make a plain old TV “smart,” letting people get Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and movies from Google Play on their televisions with zero fuss.

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