ChargeHub 7-Port Charging

Charge up to 7 USB devices simultaneously

If you’re looking to help your relatives and buddies stay connected to all of the gadgets they possess, a practical  ChargeHub 7-Port USB Universal Charging Station might function as response.

The ChargeHub enables them to charge different devices, including digital cameras smartphones and graphics tablets, without clogging up every outlet in the home. Just plug a USB wire charger directly into the hub, and multiple devices can charge at the same time without lugging or power strips around charging blocks. This really is fantastic for families and technology geeks by which each member has their own cell phone.

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ChargeHub Review

ChargeHub Review, 2016 | Top Ten Reviews
The ChargeHub works with most Apple iOS or Android devices. With the seven included ports, the recipient can likely charge most of his or her devices at the same time. This charging station only requires one outlet. A ChargeHub is a great addition to a common area in the house where most family members or friends congregate for short periods of time. If you’ve ever shared a room with multiple people with low batteries, you know outlet space is a premium commodity. The ChargeHub helps alleviate some of that stress.

ChargeHub Universal 7 Port Charger and CableHub Review & Giveaway!!! 2014 Pick • Mommy Ramblings

We are a very high-tech household, the amount of tablets and smartphones that need charging could be intimidating. It’s nice to have charging stations throughout the house. Looking for something that can connect multiple devices neatly is hard to find. The ChargeHub was the answer to our needs, a universal charger with 7 USB dedicated charging ports that deliver 48 Watts of power even with 7 devices simultaneously attached. The ChargeHub was awarded Best of CES 2014 by iPhone Life Magazine as one of the most innovative new iOS related products.

ChargeHub Universal Charging Station with 7 USB Ports —

Get all charged up. Keeping your devices charged and ready for use is extremely easy with the ChargeHub universal charging station. SmartSpeed technology and seven USB ports allow you to plug in and power up seven devices at once! From Limitless Innovations.

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