Drone View of my House

Aerial View of my House using Drone

Use DJI drone to take high quality images of your house or your building or commercial stores from above, Most of DJI Drones has HD video camera, you can connect your smartphone or ipad to the controller and you can see live stream video from your phone or ipad what the is seeing from above. And the most awesome of a drone is that it is so easy to fly, DJI Drones can fly alone by itself, it can return home by itself automatically, especially when the battery is low they will give an alarm and ask your command to return home, Dji Drones can return home automatically as by your settings. Dji Drone sensors detects trees, walls and move away from them to avoid collisions on auto pilot.

See Aerial view of house in this video using DJI Phantom 4 Drone

You do not need to learn to capture aerial views from the sky, you just need short practice to fly drone and you will tell the drone to take videos and photos by just touching the screen of your smartphones or ipad. You will see in your mobile devices what the drone is seeing at that moment.

See how easy is to fly a DJI Drone

But that is not all, Drones uses is unlimited, you can use drones to take selfies, take your drone in vacation, take videos of weddings or birthday or any holiday celebration, explore mountains canyons and waterfalls, whale watching. Use drone to walk your dog, deliver foods to your neighbor, drones are very useful if you are in real state business, shoot commercials, wildlife research, mapping and of course for your entertainment.

Below is a DJI Drone for beginner – The DJI Phantom 3 Standard

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 phantom 3
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