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How To Survive A Pub Crawl

Pub crawls is one of the best ways that you can almost always have a great time, and one of the oldest ways. You get to meet new people, spend time with friends and also get drunk, which truth be told, can make almost any time a great one. This, however, is not to say that you overdo it because this is how you will be missing all the fun. Here is how you actually have a great time.

First things first, you should have a plan on the bars to hit and the order because later if you get separated then everyone will have a vague idea of how they can regroup. You should also have a backup plan for this, a designated babysitter that will watch over everyone without getting wasted themselves. Before the pub crawl, you should ensure that you are well fed and hydrated too. When you get there, it is very important that you pace yourself because this could be a long session and there is no need to rush the drinks.

The whole idea here is to have the different experiences and that being said, you should avoid getting bogged down because this s you the drink without knowing or don’t even want to go. You should however not be in some hurry so that you do not even get to enjoy the pubs that you are in. While almost everyone knows that mixing the drinks is not good, almost everyone does it anyway, you should never mix the beer with the liquor, well, this is a general rule of thumb when you are drinking. You should instead mix the drinks with soft drinks, because this is one of the ways that you will be there till the end and you should also not be pressured into the top shelves spirits, not healthy.

You should leave your car keys at home, because this is one stag do where you are allowed to be less focused and you cannot drive in that state. This is a team thing and that means that you should watch out for your friends while at the same time giving them their space. It is better to contribute say the san amount each and then have one of you pay or order the drinks for you all instead of the massive faff every tome that you move into a new bar, and also what to drink.

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