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Reasons Why You Should Use A Vibration Plate

If you are looking to increase your weight loss potential, then you should invest in a vibration plate as a fitness training tool because this is exactly what it does. It improves the flow of lymph, increases blood circulation and oxygenation, and it simulates the muscles. So as to increase the levels of muscle contraction, you will have to learn how to hold certain poses on the plate. Muscles contract repeatedly and alternately and this improves balance, muscle strength, and coordination. See below some advantages of using a vibration plate.

Your bones and muscles will be strengthened when you use a vibration plate. Your muscles contract only once or twice every second during a normal exercise session but the same muscles contract up to 50 times every second when one is exercising without a vibration plate. Your muscle fibers will be worked up to 90% when a vibration plate is used and this helps to strengthen and develop muscle tissue. You will get a lot of muscle density and increased strength when you train on a vibration plate. By training on a vibration plate, your body will get an improved balance, increased bone density, coordination and posture.

Another benefit of using a vibration plate is that it stimulates production of helpful hormones. There is an increased production of the human growth hormone. This hormone assists in the repair and regeneration of damaged bones, muscles, and tissues. Training with a vibration plate also increases the production of serotonin and you are more happier because this is what this hormone is for, and reduces the production of cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress and anxiety.

Training with a vibration plate helps to improve the immune function. That high level of muscle contractions when one is using this plate stimulates lymph glands which leads to an increase in the flow of lymph all through the body. This strengthens the immune system. The body will also have more energy given that the blood pressure will drop and the cells will start to have a lot more oxygen.

Do you want to raise your metabolism? There will be a need for more fuel in your body as your muscles continue to become stronger. Put in mind that the blood circulation has also gotten better. Your body will burn fat and calories so much faster when these two are combined. What will follow is an increased metabolism.

Another advantage that one can get from using a vibration plate is the strengthening of joints and relieve of pain. Those movements on a vibration plate will help to strengthen muscles of the hip flexor and core which will stabilize your spine and entire body. The muscles that stabilize your joints will be strengthened causing improved flexibility and joint function. There will be lesser pain or none at all at the joints or spine once the toxins at the joints have been flushed away.

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