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Google Earth Street View of the entire world inside your pc with Google earth free. How i found satellite view of my house? Not only my house , I was able to see satellite views and google earth street view of the entire earth for FREE with Google earth app ,  a google earth live in front of your computer windows. Although its not real time live, its like a simulation of the entire earth live inside your computer. This app software amazing ability to fly down in the street level is called Google Earth Street View.

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Do you want to see a satellite view of your house? It’s easy and it’s totally free.

Download and Install Google earth free, Type your address in the search box or any name of the city, hotels, restaurants, landmarks, tourist spots or any locations you want to visit and it will zoom right in from space to the location you specified.

Google Earth Street View

Google earth free software is very easy to use. Install and open the earth icon, double right click the earth to zoom in slowly like a video camera to the street level and double left click to zoom out.

Rotate the earth by dragging your mouse left and right or down and upward or type any location or address in the search box or use the navigation on the right side to tilt down the earth.

Just type the street name in the search box and Google earth will zoom to the street level or drag the yellow icon man located at the right of the screen to change to google earth street view mode.

Google earth free is a mapping software and has many capabilities , one of them is Google earth street view which is the actual photographic city in panoramic mode just like navigating in real world. You will be able to see your whole city in high definition photos.

To use Google earth street view , go to a location, zoom in closer to the street then drag the yellow man icon located in the navigation bar to the right to the street , accessible area will change color into blue. Use the mouse scroll button to move forward and backward. See live satellite view of your house and of course of your neighbors too.

satellite view of my house

google earth live

Google earth street view enables you to travel in every corner of the streets just like you are actually there walking in the streets inside the real world..

With real photos that that was captured using high definition cameras, you can also zoom in and out and also come inside a lot of grocery store, restaurants and much more. Street view mode is now almost available in the whole world.

Google earth free is the entire world and its map content inside your pc that can be used to see or view every corner of your house, walk through the street, fly to every cities or even take a virtual tour worldwide. Google earth street view is fun and entertaining.

  • You can check a location or view your actual destination before traveling, unless you have a gps in your car.
  • You can actually see the exact location of restaurant and hotel, now you’ll see if they are located in your good taste. You’ll see if there is nice shopping locations, beach, parks etc.
  • If you’re renting or buying house then Google earth street view is the best free map software that was born on earth. Avoid tricky negotiations, Check the location, Houses that are too good to be cheap may be located in rare area.
  • A perfect useful tool for paint artist. Whether you want to draw an old street, parks or buildings, Google Earth Street View can show you all the beautiful spots of the world.

More on Google earth app

The software can zoom just like a real camera from space to the earth’s surface. Your pc will become a satellite watching the entire earth from space with ability to travel around the world. High resolution satellite map inside your pc.

Use Google earth free on browser to locate a direction, it is a lot easier and fast, just open the software, Then type on the search box the place you want to visit, then click “File” on the google earth menu bar then click “view on google maps”.

Not like Google maps browser, Google earth street view consumes very little computer resources so searching is more easier, smoother and lot more faster. Fly and travel around the world using Google earth free. Go down to earth and walk every streets of cities around the world inside your pc. The version allows you to travel between two places in the world in seconds, lets you display a bird’s eye view distant places or your own home, move in 3D for the planet, join other groups, share information …

The interface is available with the following features: language, control panel, Windows versions, Linux and MAC, navigation possibility other planets, galaxies …

Uses of Google earth app

Zoom in to the street level to explore streets using Google earth street view mode, you may then analyze the places for locating a good place to buy structure like houses, buildings. important real estate information, you do not need to rent a helicopter. to do so. Simply fly over and zoom in to inspect any location. If its commercial business, check and analyze how many competitors are located in the area.

Millions of peoples are using Google earth free for educational purposes, weather forecasting or just searching locations. A must to have tool for geography, full of additional information from different resources like wikipedia, it contains videos, city and street names, tourist spots,country borders, airport locations, road maps, National Geographic content, search for famous volcanoes, and more.

Five Cool, Easy Things You Can Do in Google earth app

1.Satellite view of my house – See satellite view of your house, school or any place on earth. Just type the address on the search box and you willll zoom right in. Explore satellite views of houses around the world. Find aircraft in flight, Visit olympic games locations, Save satellite images to your ipad, iphone, pocket pc.

2.World travel – Go on travel around the world, just click the play button. Activate terrain and see satellite images of mountains, volcanoes ,waterfalls and beautiful beaches. Find hotels, restaurants, or see the 10 biggest commercial center of the world. You can also add photos of your inside google earth app, save locations or put marking point.

3.Get driving directions from one place to another and fly the route. With a little configuration, google earth app can fly by itself with the route you specify along streets or buildings.

4.View 3d buildings , or other cool locations and features created by other users, or make your own. Find your dream house. Find the best places to live. Construct your house 3d model.

5.View 3D terrain of a place or mountainous terrain like the grand canyon, mitchell mesa in Arizona, Namib Desert Mountain.

Whenever you have to go to a new place or meet people, you should explore google earth street view for driving directions, just put marks on the place where you are, right click to it then click ‘from here’ put mark on the destination right click the mark then click ‘to here’ the click play button located on the left side of the screen. Then it will drive in the direction for you.

Exploring the sky or space too, view planets, galaxy, stars in the solar system. Just click a small yellow icon on top of upper bar to switch to google sky.

Find a satellite view of house , fly directly to your neighborhood, view maps for driving directions, explore places where you had never been via satellite. Amazing high resolution satellite views of earth with just point and click or by typing the exact address in the search box. Zoom in using from space to the ground. No doubt, Google earth app is the most amazing stuff to explore satellite views of houses or buildings.

 google earth free

This is the Google Earth Free interface.

At the top left you can see a search box. Just type your address to explore a satellite view of your house or type the name of the city or country you want to visit and it will zoom from sky to the street level.

The yellow peg man will appear at the ground located at the right side of the navigation panel


Google Earth Live

Google Earth Live Satellite Images – Vision of the Future

Last year, google bought a US firm Skybox Imaging which is also in concept of installing a constellation of video cameras in space. This satellite will give Google Earth to offer live satellite images in much greater resolution.

Several years ago, It come to internet news about some researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology which were testing with using 3D Google Earth Live concept video to make a Google Earth Live technology and to include in the scenery , Adding actual occasions created moving images along with some other forms of visual media , a type of technology called augmented reality by combining video. Adding people walking like football teams at play, in the Google earth live scenery, and transferring traffic is a pretty remarkable thing to find. In the video, they show the method by which they take 3D lived by multiple views to create transferring 3D renderings which are combined with Google earth live scenery.

The concept experiments was long ago, is still the results of google earth live studies from academic research, but it clearly shows some potential future visions of live earth and we’re likely to evolve as Google earth live in the future.

NASA is also has a earth live streaming of Earth from space receiving from four simple HD video cameras that have been put to space outside of the International Space Station. The project, called the High Definition World Viewing (HDEV) experiment, it study how these cameras works or perform in the space. Though you can only view the earth surface live. See for yourself  the live HD views of Earth from space below.

If you cannot see nothing or black, that is because the cameras are facing the night side of the earth.

Earth Live View from space

Right now you may also see earth live away from space , that is what Urthecast can offers at the moment to client. It become possible when a Canadian firm for the International Space Station sent to install cameras by two Russian astronauts.

Astronauts Oleg Kotov and Sergey Ryazanskiy successfully installed cameras for Earth observations outside the space station.

Fly around the world with Google earth app, for your travel around the world. Satellite view of house or building sighting, Find the best locations and places to live, Walk the city streets around the world with Google earth street view. The best of all google earth free is totally no cost.

 satellite view of my house Google Earth Street View Virtual Earth Free Google Earth 

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